The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday was the last day of school!!!  I absolutely LOVE the summer and having the kids home.  It's no secret I love sleeping in (as much as my girls and pregnancy will let me...) and I love being at the pool.  This summer I also get to look forward to meeting the newest member of our family and having lots of visitors. 

For the last day of school Alexis had an awards aseembly at 10:45 and unfortunately Ryan's Pre-school graduation was at 11:00... :(  Luckily Travis happened to have the day off and we were able to divide and conquer!!  We only have one camera so Ryan's pics were taken with Trav's phone so they're not the best but I'm just happy they both got a parent at their activities! 

Alexis got a bunch of class awards and then she also received the citizenship award and an award for Honor Roll for the entire year.  In her school you must have ALL M's (meets expectations) or E's (exceeds expectations and all 1's for behavior.  Alexis ended the year with E's in Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening, and Spanish and the rest M's and all 1's in behavior.  I also don't mind bragging a little and saying her final reading test for the year she tested at mid-fourth grade level meaning she reads as well as a fourth grader halfway through the year!!  She continues to amaze me.  I'm a very proud mama! :)
Getting her honor roll medal from the principal
Showing off her certificates. :)
Ryan finished the pre-school program she was in.  She's just been going twice a week for about 3 hours and she has LOVED it.  She had wonderful teachers and made quite a few friends.  She's also gone from no writing to being able to write her name completely by herself as well as quite a few letters and numbers.  She is a smart cookie and she's very excited to start the Pre-K program at the elementary school where Lexi goes and she gets to right "the number 3 big kid bus!" :)  Love that
Holding up her certificate (right in front of her face. HA!)

Singing one of their songs.


The Lindsey's said...

What sweet girls!!

Cristine said...

So proud of them!!!! Hope youguys have a great summer! Looking forward to summer ending, though, because that means we are moving to Hawaii!