The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Since I was a bit lonely at my last race and Alexis has been wanting to do a race with just her and I, I jumped at the chance to do a 5k in September that was an awareness for pediatric cancer run!  They had lots of stuff directed toward kids and Alexis loved it!!  The best part for me was during the run Alexis looked over at me and said mom this is really fun!  My little runner!  She had a great time and even placed 2 for girls under 12!  I was so impressed with her! 

Ready to get this race started!

Ummm they had the PHX Suns Gorilla there!  I remember going to Suns games with my dad and LOVED running into the gorilla!! :)  So I embarrassed Alexis and asked for a selfie!

Run complete and showing off our bling (Lex also got a little stuffed animal which she loved!!)

Keeping our Denny's tradition alive and well!

She'll be getting a 5k in under 30 in no time! ;)

Probably one of my favorite race pics ever!  Shakas, Hawaii shirts, and running with my girl!

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