The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, September 5, 2015


My family had one of those rare weekends that we were all in AZ at the same time (with Travis in the Army and my brother Nate in the Air Force it hasn't happened in a while) so both my parents wanted to get pictures done.  Only getting pictures with kids is NOT fun so my parents kindly said they would just switch out and then we only had to do it once!  My mom has a cute little backyard so we just did the pictures back there!  They turned out so cute so I had to share! 
Mom and Mike! :)

Dad and Ruth!

Grandma and Grandkids!

Yes my brother and I realize our kids are all VERY blonde and all with blue eyes.  Luckily Jessica is pregnant and with her dark hair hopefully we will get some brunettes in there!! HA!

My sweet Fam!

Love them!

Ok I just love this picture of me and my 3 younger brothers!!

Silly faces!

Love these cousins!!!

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