The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


And the rest of the random things we did living in AZ for a couple months!
David ate a smurf...

I had to document how much I LOVE my hairstylist and will NEVER be going to anyone but her again for the rest of my life.

David did the most classic Papa activity...

Alexis did the most classic Grandma Kerry activity...

We had a way too short meet up with the Holtgrewe's when they came into to town for just a couple days.

David got in some Uncle NayNay snuggles

We spent a LOT of time outside and Grandma and Papa's house because they have the grandkid dream backyard.

David fell in love with this water baby and even tried to take her in his backpack when we were leaving to head to El Paso!

The girls got to have their first Krispy Kreme donuts for getting A's on their report cards.

And David reaped those rewards as well!

We spent some time chilling with the bestie.

Tried to fit as many girls onto one chair as possible.

Represented our favorite team.

Just hung around.

Enjoyed every minute of living close to our cousins.

We got Aunt Lenored (My Great Aunt always gives everyone she can get a hold of kisses and she will reapply lipstick in between so you are always sure to have a good mark!)

And we danced the night away at my cousin Bridgette's wedding! :)

We really did love our short time living in AZ!

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