The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, March 17, 2016


We started Saint Patricks Day 2016 saying goodbye to the Fishers but getting in a picture first since everyone matched and we all know how that is my favorite!  Then we drove out to spend some time with my mom.  The fun activity for today was the Pinal County Fair! Now Pinal County is not a big county so I was just expecting a small fair that wasn't going to be great but I LOVE a fair so I was all about it when my mom suggested it.  It was on a weekday so it didn't open till afternoon.  We showed up right before it opened and got our all day wristbands.  Oh it was SOOO worth it!! First of all because it was smaller it was not busy at all!  Most of the rides the kids didn't even have to wait in line for!  It wasn't huge but it was plenty big to make me, my mom, and all 3 kids incredibly happy!  It was an absolute blast and I wish we could go back every year!  Alexis is VERY adventurous with rides.  I swear nothing scares her!  Ryan was at the perfect height where she could do all the big kid rides she wanted to with Alexis and also all the littler rides with David.  David was happy running back and forth in the younger kid rides section and not having to wait in line at all!  It was seriously one of the best fairs (for kids) that I have ever been to!  We ended this day at Macayo's so if Travis had been there it would have obviously been my favorite day ever. :)
So cute!!

And since it was Saint patricks Day I got to match everyone at the fair AND my kids!!  Made me so happy!


Shout out to my mom who thank goodness can do spinning rides because I can NOT!  I can do scary and high and fast but spinning in circles will make me puke.  So the kids were very happy Grandma can hang better than mom!

Only kids on the small rollercoaster!

This was a Raiders of the Lost Ark little obstacle course.  The first time I went with David and literally had to push him down the slide (I'm such a good mom. HA!) After that he must have gone on this 30 times.  I am not exaggerating.  And once again no lines made that no problem at all!

These last 2 pictures were from the biggest ride there.  It went WAY up and came down so fast my stomach was not even in my body any more.  Alexis LOVED it and even though it cost extra (Lame) she had to go on it twice (second time without me...)  People were all around going that's your daughter?  How old is she?  WOW! HA!  Because everyone else on the ride were teens and adults!  Fearless I tell you!

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