The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I Love the Renaissance Festival. It come to AZ every year around Feb/Mar and when Cristine and I realized it was going to be there when we were visiting we called our moms and AZ best friends and decided to plan a girls day! :) We had a BLAST! We met up with Cristine and a whole bunch of her friends and family and my mom and Theresa. I'm not sure who had more fun Alexis and Anya or all the grownups! :) It was fun seeing it through Lexie's eyes and my mom, Theresa, me, and the girls were there from OPEN till CLOSE! We even talked the guy at the end into letting the poor kid go on a ride one more time even though he said he was closed! (Like she hadn't gone on enough rides!)

Look at her posing!!

Theresa and the girls after the maze and slide! I LOVE how much Theresa loves my girls she and my mom both practically fought over who got to wear Ryan and go on rides with Lex! :)

The elephant ride. I have to tell what my dear friend Theresa yelled while we were up there... "Monica, your butt looks so small." Thanks friend.

Riding the llama. I loved how anytime we took a pic the guy walking it would get all close to her and pose too!

The swan ride with Cristine, Aya, Erica, Monica, Lex, and Ryan. I loved how they said 3 dollars per body so Cristine asked what if he's attached? So they let the babies on for free!! HA HA!

Beautiful Princess Ryan (this kid will NOT keep things on her head!)

The fairie. Lexie was staring and staring but would not go up there with out me!

Hanging out in the grass doing what we all REALLY went to the Festival for. Sweet baby.

Eating their frozen oranges.

The butterfly ride.

Hee hee.

Pretty please can we go on just this one more ride Grandma Bevvy??

Lex before we even left the parking lot! Notice the crown and wand in her hand. What a great day!

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The Grows said...

I love it. It looks liek you had a great time; especially Lex. Maybe if I live in Arizona some day I will get to go, it looks awesome.