The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, March 14, 2009


A couple nights before we left my family decided we should go to Amazing Jakes. My brother described and a "non-ghetto" Chucky Cheese. I thought that sounded good b/c I honestly like Chuchy Cheese! :) It was really fun. LEx and her cousing Travis had a great time and Ryan enjoyed playing in the baby section with Grandpa Jones.

Ryan playing in the baby area. Let me out mommy!

Playing with Grandpa Jones

Riding the carasoul with Travis!

The teacups. Okay seriously I do not do well with motion sickness. Never have. Just ask my Uncle Phylip about the time I puked in his brand new car 5 minutes after we drove off. Alexis on the other hand seems to be fine with things spinning out of control. So we got on the teacups together. Me thinking, oh she's 3 she won't want to go to fast. Hmmm not true SHE spun us so fast I had to tell her to stop b/c mommy was sick. Then I felt sick the whole rest of the night! She, on the other hand had a BLAST!

The "rollercoaster." It was kind of like a rollercoaster but basically just went in a circle SUPER fast! The ride said you had to be 4 and 36 inches well she is 36 inches... They didn't ask so she went for it. The ride went so fast I was so nervous she would freak and want to get off but no. At the halfway point they stop it and go backwards and a couple of people did get off but not Lex. I guess it's just a kid thing to love rides. I couldn't get on it. I was still sick from the tea cups! :)


Conforti Family said...

such cute pics of the girlies! Man, I thought Kadee was tall for her age but reading that Lex is only 36 inches confirms that Kadee is REALLY TALL for her age. Kadee is 42 inches tall, shes in 5t shirts and 4t pants, shes super skinny with a ghetto booty! How much longer are you guys in Germany? Are you staying in the Army or planning to get out? We are pretty much in for life, Mike LOVES what he does so whats the point of doing something else. we will probably end up at Bragg after Hawaii for most of his career. Maybe we will see you around if you stay in, it would be fun!

The McBride Family said...

Oops I meant Lex was over 36 inches. She's 38 but Kadee is still a head taller than her!! We are Army for life! :) We're headed to GA in the Fall that would be fun to run into each other again!!! I'm excited for you for Hawaii I would LOVE that!!

The Grows said...

You did so many fun things when you were in the states I might have to come with you the next time you go.

Cristine said...

Looks like fun! Why wasn't I invited? Totally joking!!!

By the way, I think it's hilarious that you were sick from the tea cups and that Lex just wanted more! :)