The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, May 16, 2010


When I heard TWO months ago that Disney On Ice was coming to Columbus I knew we would be there. I'm hoping while we're living in GA we can get to Disney World but for now this will have to suffice. The girls absolutely LOVED it. Everything that came out was exciting. Ryan seemed to not be able to stop dancing and Lexi couldn't stop smiling. I love making my girls smile and today was all about smiles!!!!

Mommy and Ryan
Daddy and Alexis
Micky Mouse ears. When we went to the bathroom and intermission Lex saw herself in the mirror and said, "oh HI Micky Mouse how ARE you?!"

Ryan's turn to cheese it up.

Covering Ry up with the ears.

Enjoying the show AND the popcorn.

And b/c the Holtgrewe's would have been with us if we were still all together this picture of Princess Tianna is for Anya.

And a little far but Lilo and Stitch for Eric!:)

A few videos of the excitement. This was both of them through the ENTIRE show. **WARNING** Turn your volume down before playing it is LOUD!


Cristine said...

How fun!!! And thanks for the special pics for the kids. :) Miss you guys!

The Grows said...

Yay!!!! I am so glad you guys had a great time and that you got video of it. Lexi smile was classic.

Brad and Erica said...

Anya is the not the only one excited about seeing Princess Tiana! It looks like so much fun. We would have been right there with you if there wasn't an ocean between us. Ryan is getting so big and I love the red, curly hair. What beautiful girls!