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The McBride's

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Thursday was Lexi's last day of pre-school. I can't believe she is going to be in all day KINDERGARTEN next year! It makes me a little sad that she will be gone so long. If I thought I could home school her I think I would just to keep her home with me! I know Ryan is going to miss her too. Whevever she is at school Ryan tends to look a little lost. I usually let Ryan have her t.v. time during that period to try to help her not feel so bored. It's amazing the difference between a first and second child.

I have mixed feelings about pre-school "graduation." I know most pre-schools do it and I, honestly, think it's a little silly. I can understand kindergarten b/c they say it's such an important year of school but to me pre-k for Lex was just getting her adjusted to the school setting. Now having said that when I got the invite for hers I wasn't going to miss it for the world! It was actually perfect. Very low key. Just some parents and the teachers and kids. They were even dressed in their swimsuits b/c the last day of school was a water day. I really liked Lexi's pre-school teacher and although she was already doing well with letters, numbers, and colors she still learned a lot about animals, insects, the President, nursery rhymes, etc. She had to tell Trav what she learned everyday in school for one of her "chores" and it was great to listen to my little sponge! So here is my baby on her pre-school graduation day. Wow time is flying.

Listening to Ms. Stafford talk about the class.

Her teacher giving her her diploma. She also said a little bit about each child as she handed it to them.

Singing a couple songs at the end. One of the parents commented about how Alexis really knows how to pose for the camera. HAHA I guess that happens when you have a mom OBSESSED with taking pictures of her kids.


Cristine said...

No way is Lexie old enough for kindergarten!!!! Time goes way too fast! Love the pics!

The Grows said...

I can't believe she is old enough to have a grduation. She is getting so big. Congrats Alexis!!!!

Becky Clinton said...

Shut up! Lexie's not that old! So how old does that make you? XXOO