The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, May 28, 2010


I have been looking forward to Theresa's visit since she left after driving across country with us back in November! I couldn't wait to meet her new baby Konnor!! (*side story* Konnor is named after Theresa's mom and I think the name is adorable. Alexis has told me multiple times, "mommy Konnor is a BOY'S name!" I ask her about Ryan and she says no that a girls name. HAHA I just think it's hilarious that she thinks Konnor is totally a boy's name but Ryan is not.) Anyways, Konnor is such a SWEETHEART. Very easy going even with Ryan laying on top of her trying to give her hugs she was happy as could be. We enjoyed our time even if it was way too short. We spent our time hanging out and being in the pool as much as possible (it's really gotten warm here and I am LOVING it!) Like normal we took a ton of pics but NONE of Theresa and I...

Look at that face!


Playing in the pool!

After playing pretty pretty princess.

I just LOVE her!

We love our new friend Konnor!


The Grows said...

I love all the pictures and am so glad you had a great visit. I wish I could come and play with you guys. Okay on a side note Konnor is so cute. Especially in the picture where they are all in the tub. She totally looks like Alexia at that age.
p.s. Keep all these blogs coming. I am loving it.

Cristine said...

Konnor is GORGEOUS!!!! And so are Ry and Lex! Love the pics, especially the bath one!