The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I want to say Happy Father's Day to the dad's in my life. Starting with my daddy. I was definitely NOT the easiest child in the world and my dad and I butted heads a LOT. I know everything he did was because he loved me and I am grateful that he was such a great dad. He taught me a lot. I'm not going to list them all b/c the list would go on and on (he probably wouldn't mind that but... :) ) However, I believe the number one thing my dad taught me was good old fashioned hard work. My dad was always the first one up and usually the last one to sleep. He was always willing to help whenever he was asked (I am glad that he seems to finally have learned to say no every once in a while now though b/c it may have been the death of him!) I remember stopping MANY times to help a stranger that seemed to be having car problems on the side of the road. I remember complaining b/c EVERY OTHER teen got to sleep in on Saturday's but we were up pulling weeds or mowing the lawn before it got too hot outside. I am so grateful for all the things my dad taught me but especially for teaching me that hard work IS important!

I also want to tell Dave Happy Father's Day. I am so grateful for a father-in-law that taught his son to be a great dad and a loving husband (trust me Dave he IS loving in his own way! :) ) I know Dave also taught Travis to be a hard worker and that's why I am able to stay home with the kids which I am so thankful for. Most people are truly shocked when I tell them what GREAT in-laws I have and they really are fantastic!

Of course, I have to say Happy Father's Day to my babies daddy. He is such a fun, loving dad. Those girls have him wrapped around their little finger but honestly, he has them wrapped around his as well. Whenever he gets home it's a mad dash to who can get to daddy first. He has a special whistle and he can do it from all the way across the pool and they know right where to find him. There is definitely a special bond between a daughter and her daddy.

Happy Father's Day to all the great father's out there. I am so blessed to have so many in my lives. An honorable mention goes out to George, Orson, Josh, Rhett, Nate, (Holtgrewe although one day to my brother Nate as well!) and Bryatt. I love you all as well and know you are all great dads!!!

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Cristine said...

Hahaha... you said baby daddy! :) Love it!