The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, June 21, 2010


I really wanted to make sure we had alot going on this summer so we didn't get bored (or sad that we weren't getting to go visit AZ...) I signed both girls up for the first session of swim lessons. It was everyday for 2 weeks. Lexi was in the pre-school class and Ryan and I did the mommy and me class. It was a busy 2 weeks since Lexi's class was at 8 and Ry's wasn't till 10 plus I accidently signed Lex up for a dance camp the second week of swim (thought it was the week AFTER swim) so we had quite a crazy week but both girls really enjoyed it! I was very happy with both girls improvements. I am going to have Alexis do another session later in the summer but I think one session is enough for Ry's age. Here are some pics from the last day.

Ryan and mommy.

Blowing bubbles. She did really well with this. She would jump up pretty quickly but at least she tried!

Ry with her teacher.

I loved when she would go on her back. She would do what she was supposed to which was kick and lay her head back but usually she was saying all done the whole time! :)

This was HUGE for Alexis. At first, she wouldn't put her head in the water without plugging her nose! :)


Another milestone. Look how relaxed she is on her back! *Side note* Her teachers name was Nick. Adorable 18 year old Nick. Well Nick had 4 girls and one boy in his class. These girls LOVED Nick! It was always Hi Nick Bye Nick. The other mom's and I decided Nick was there boy band and they were all in LOVE! They actually had 2 teachers the whole time but Nick was the one they performed for!! HAHA! It starts SO young.

Look at her!! So exciting! Can't wait for the next session.


The Grows said...

Go McBride Fishies. That is so exciting. Alexis is doing so well. Ryan you are on your way. We want to put Lexi in swim lessons too since she is a little fish at heart. She has no problem putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles. Plus she loves to try and swim between Mark and I. But, this summer is so crazy with the move we will see if we can actaully find the time. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Cristine said...

Go Ry and Lex! So impressed with both of them!

The Mortensens said...

Those are such huge milestones! I still have a hard time getting Jonathan to RELAX on his back. Go Alexis!