The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Like I said before I signed Alexis up for a dance camp. She's been asking to do dance and I told her after soccer we would do dance. They only had 1 week dance camps for the summer and will start up regular dance after the summer is over. Alexis is already asking to do that so I guess dance it is! :)

The camp was an hour and 15 minutes each day. They were told to wear dancing clothes or their favorite dress up. Well to LExi wearing her "ballerina" clothes IS her favorite dress up! I also found some little ballet slippers at Target and she was thrilled! Each day the alternated between dancing and doing a little craft (making a crown, a little doll, etc.) She was in Heaven! The last day they did a little recital for the parents just to see what they were learning. Alexis was excited to show us first and second position and do all the cute dances they learned. I love that she is such a girly girl but can still hang with the boys (since ALL my friends here seem to have boys! :) )

I wish I had a video to show but our video camera only does d.v.d.'s and the only time I tried to get video on my phone Ryan decided to pee all over Travis and her chair! :) I may have to break down and buy a digital video camera...

Watiting to start.
Showing us her moves.
Future cheerleader?? :)
Dancing the night away.
Getting her certificate and goody bag (filled with ring pops, candy necklaces, wands, and more for our little princess.)
She was very proud.
With her teachers.

And our ham Ryan waiting for it to begin. What a sweet goofball!


Brad and Erica said...

Dance camp looks like a blast! Annika and I loved looking at all the pictures together. Lexi looks like she is so happy and proud in her dance outfit. I am sure that her performance was just wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Cristine said...

I LOVE the one of her with the wand. She looks like she was rockin' out! And the one with the pom-poms makes me fast forward 10 years in my head... I see her being head cheerleader! :) Miss you guys!