The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm going out of order but it was all one weekend so I figured it was okay! :) Mary came to visit!! I was so happy having her here. I love visitors and Mary is one of my favorite people so it was extra fabulous! Yesterday was her last day here and we decided to check out the Wild Animal Safari about 40 minutes from our house. I had heard a lot of great things about it so we picked up my friend Nic and her son Dak and headed out.

If ANYONE comes to visit us I can almost guarantee we will be taking you here. Adult, kid, teen, I don't care this place was FANTASTIC. You rent a mini-van (or you can take your own car if you don't mind it getting trampled by animals!) for 11 dollars, get some food for the animals and off you go. It's only about a mile long but with all the animals it takes about an hour to go through. SO FUN!! The animals come RIGHT up to the car. Seriously they were slobbering all over Travis and Nic, who were in the front and don't have the bars on the windows like in the back. Zebras, emus, buffalos, deer, pigs, so cool! Believe it or not I WAY narrowed these pictures down. There were a ton of cool stuff. ALL different animals sticking their heads in the van.

Ryan driving our dope van. Note the light switch which turned on the wipers.

Lexi and Dak.

These are out of order... This was in the zoo part. Ry and Trav.

The kids with the goat.

I just love how she runs.

The kids in the van. They were all painted zebra stripes. I'm thinking about painting my van now. HAHA!

Monkeying around... :) Okay LAME!

4 days and this is the ONLY pic wiht Mary in it. In my defense I usually didn't have my camera. Most of these were off of Mary's camera.

Ryan usually stayed close by me and just chucked her food out the window while giggling. It made her a little nervous but she LOVED it!

This was the van behind us but this is exactly what it was like. Hello people that is a GIRAFFE! We were feeding giraffe's!!

I loved this face from Nic! She was braver than me. I did not want to sit in the front.

Ryan giggling

Lexi was also braver than me. IT was so fun! Have I said that enough yet?

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Cristine said...

OMG!!!! I am coming to GA JUST for this! It looks like so much fun!