The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, August 8, 2010


We decided VERY last minute to take a trip to AZ for the last month of summer. The decision was made b/c we realized we don't enjoy going to AZ for Christmas. Not that we don't love seeing everyone but b/c it's always so crazy. Plus getting gifts there and getting gifts home. It's just a lot. So we decided to go before Alexis had to start Kindergarten. Travis had to work so he couldn't come and so I made the 27 hour drive by myself with the girls. It was actually not bad at all!! (How my parents and those parents in their generation did road trips without a portable d.v.d. player is completely beyond me! :) ) I knew we didn't want to drive at night (not safe!) So we made it a 4 day trip.

The first night we stayed in Vicksburg, MS at a hotel. The second night we stayed at my Uncles who lives in Sherman, TX (just North of Dallas.) That worked out nice getting to see family and having a place to crash. After 10 more hours on the road we arrived at Nate and Cristine's in El Paso, TX.

It was such a WONDERFUL reunion with our friends. We have missed them so much and the kids were SOOO happy!!!! (okay and so were the mommy's. Poor Nate on the other hand had to listen to us talk non-stop for 4 days.) I'm so glad they live in such a convenient place for us to come visit. Cristine was great at taking pics so I stole all of these from her camera and once again not a single pic of us. Seriously, for how great we are at taking pics of hte kids we are TERRIBLE at pics of ourselves! :) At the end of our visit Cristine, Anya, and Eric joined us for the next leg of the trip to AZ. That was the fastest part of my whole trip. Having someone to talk to made it a much nicer drive! :)


Playing barbies.

Dancing after Toy Story 3.

Waiting for the movie to start. (GREAT movie by the way!)

All four kids playing legos.

The look like conjoined twins! :)

Clothes? Nah!

Pretty girls.

Seriously he is3 months YOUNGER than Ryan!! He wears the same size shoe as Alexis. I love thatboy!

Better watch out Ry. Lex is making her move. HAHA!

Road trip. Each set had their own d.v.d. player! :) Seriously love technology!


Cristine said...

SOOOOOOOOO glad you guys came for a visit! I miss having you all around all the time!

The Grows said...

Love it!!!! Would have loved it more if I could have been there too. I love all the picutres but it sure makes me miss you guys. I hope to see you again soon. Love you guys!!!!