The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So this is not a picture post... It's just an info post and this is the easiest way to let everyone know all at once! :) For those who don't know Alexis has had problems with peeing in her pants since she was first potty trained. It's never a full out accident, it's just a little pee but usually, once a day, at least. I've talked to doctors and they've told me it's normal and they don't "worry about it" till kids are at least 6.

When we were in AZ back in October Alexis got a UTI (bladder infection.) She is almost always complaining about hurting "down there" but I always thought it was just a little irritation from being wet a lot (she changes clothes a lot but you know...) This last summer while we were there she was complaining more than normal about hurting and after some prompting from a friend who has had a lot of experience with UTI's, I took her in again. After checking her the doctor came in and told me she has a "whopping UTI." He left and when the nurse came in with prescription she said that with the results from her urine she is surprised Alexis isn't acting like she is in WAY more pain. I felt terrible. We got the antibiotics and continued our vacation.

I was told to make a follow up appointment with her Primary Care so about 2 weeks after starting the medicine she had another appointment. She was still complaining off and on about hurting so I really wondered if it went away. The Doctor checked her again and called me the next day to tell me to come get the antibiotics right away b/c the UTI still looked pretty bad. So we started her on a different round of antibiotics. The Doctor told me to make an appointment for one week after we completed the medicine and she would make sure it was gone and give a referral for a pediatric urologist. This time she didn't have the UTI anymore... She did however give me the referral. The closest pediatric urologist is about an hour and a half away and I guess it's the ONLY one in AL (we are right on the border of AL and GA so it's closer for us to go to this one.) So our appt isn't until December 14th. I'm going to try to keep calling back and getting her in sooner but for now we will hopefully have some answers in December. I will update when I know more...


Robinson Family said...

Thanks for the update! Poor Lexi! I hope you get some answers @ the appointment and that she is painfree soon! Miss you guys!

Cristine said...

I know I have said this a million times but give Lex a hug for me! I hope you can get in sooner and they can figure it out! Love you guys!

Our Family said...

Your sweet little girl. When I had a UTI I cried all the way home from NV to AZ! I feel like a total whimp. I hope you are able to find out soon how to get her some permeant relief. Good for you for following your gut.