The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Alexis had her school Christmas Program last night. The kindergarten classes all sang a song called 8 Tiny Reindeer. Lexi was very excited and she was so cute. We got really lucky and we were sitting right next to her and her class (Thanks to our friends and neighbors who saved us a seat!) At the end of the night everyone was singing Feliz Navidad. Lexi's teacher asked Ryan if she wanted to go on the "stage" with Lex. That's what the video is. The whole concert Ry was dancing to all the songs and she had as much fun as Alexis! :) My girls are such sweethearts. I did videotape Lexi's song too but it was on my video camera which is a dvd... So here are some pics.
Lexi and her friend Macayla before the concert.

Before it started.

Singing 8 Tiny Reindeer!
Love her red nose!
The short video of Ry with LEx.
And this is how I found Ryan this morning. Yes I waited to take the picture before I told her to stop! :) And don't worry too much it's just his water bowl not his food!
A girl and her dog. Just so everyone can sweet how sweet (and big) our dog is getting! We love our Tuckeroola (Ry's name)Tuckerman (Lexi and Nic's name) Tucker (his actual name!)


Millers! said...

I LOVE your dog, and your little girls too :)

Cristine said...

Your girls are too sweet!!!! Miss you guys!

And Tucker is SO adorable! And Ry drinking out of the bowl.... HILARIOUS!!!!!!!


Man, we really are on the same wavelength for names...Tucker is my maiden name! HAHAHA!!!

Love the pics. Lexi makes a great little reindeer. :)

The Grows said...

So cute, I can't believe Lexi is big enough to have a concert. I love how much your girls love each other.
Ryan is so funny. I also love that you made sure you got a picture firt. I would have done the same thing.

Brad and Erica said...

This comment is from Annika. This is what she said "That's a really cute doggie. I really like him. I want to go to him's house. When we got to her house, they can share them's doggie with us, and then we can go back home. I'm really good at Skyping." Lexi was darling as a Reindeer and I loved Ryan dancing along. We sure miss you guys!

The Mortensens said...

Cute pictures of Lexi!

I had to laugh at Ryan because my boys are ALWAYS pretending to be dogs too. Your girls are so lucky to have a Mom who is willing to get one!

Kerry McBride said...

I love the pics Monica! Alexis's expressions in the fourth picture is classic Travis. I miss those two cute girls!