The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Travis and I love musicals and almost anything on stage! :) We would like the girls to appreciate and love it too so we figured we better start taking them now! The Wizard of Oz was playing at the Springer Opera House in Columbus so we went with our family and Nic and Dak. It was fantastic! I thought the cast was fabulous and it was very well done especially for how small the stage was! The girls enjoyed every minute and only got a little antsy in the last ten minutes or so. That may have mostly been from the fact that it was almost 10 and everyone knows my kids are usually in bed by 7:30. It was a very fun night and I hope we are able go to more plays soon(although the next one we're planning is an adult only play GREASE in April!) I didn't get a lot of pics b/c obviously no flash during the performance but here are a few and a couple videos with my phone.

The fam.
I LOVE this pic. So classic! Ready for the show. More fun Dak.

The cast at the end. I didn't get any of the munchkins... :)

This first video is hilarious to me b/c you can hear Ryan Roaring and giggling in the background. The lion was definitely her favorite!

And just b/c it's my favorite.

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Cristine said...

Ryan's laugh is HILARIOUS!!!!! I want to watch that video over and over again! LOVE HER!!!! Glad you guys had fun!