The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a very Merry Christmas at the McBride house. The girls slept in till 8 (Merry Christmas mom and dad!) We opened stocking and a couple gifts and then they were hungry so we paused and went and ate our homemade cinnamon rolls for Breakfast and came back for some more presents. Then we had our appetizer lunch and spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys and relaxing together. None of us got out of our p.j.'s (well except when the girls modeled their new dresses from Grandpa Jones.) It was a very perfect Christmas. Thank you to everyone who spoiled us rotten!
Ry with her present stack.

LExi excited with hers!

Ry loving her baby (Thanks Holtgrewe's!)
Lexi was VERY excited to get her Rapunzel doll (thank you Grandma Bevvy!)

Snuggies and a book from Tori and Josh. Already been washed twice! HEHEHE Seriously Tori, I'm wearing it as I type!

I had to get a litebrite for Alexis. I loved mine growing up!

Sweet bears from the Beans!

Tea party time!!

The loot.
I completely forgot to wrap their gift from my dad so they got those last and they were thrilled. Insisted on putting them on immediately and both proceeded to strike some poses. My dad got these dresses in Mexico when he was down there picking up my brother from his mission! He picked them out AND got the right sizes. Impressive dad!

And last a video of the girls playing with Ryan's new toy from Grandma Kerry. They played this for a good hour and it's quite a work out if you do it right and not like Ryan who is jumping on the OUTSIDE of the toy.


Cristine said...

Okay, so I know this post is mostly of the girls but my FAVORITE is you guys in your snuggies! HILARIOUS!!!! And even funnier since I know what book you are talking about! :)

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. I love the pics of the girls posing in their dresses.... especially how Lexie sticks her tushie out! :) Love you guys!!!

Cristine said...

Oh, and the video... CUTE! I love how Ry is jumping on the side! I love those girls!!!!!!!!!

Our Family said...

You guys are so cute and I love the snuggies! What a fun and exciting Christmas.

The Grows said...

Love it. I love how Ryan never actaully jumps over the toy, hahahaha!! Such cute girls. Love that there is actually a picutre of you and Travis!!!!