The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, April 1, 2011


Today was Field Day at Lexi's school and the theme was Boot Camp (SOOO cute but we ARE on an Army Post so I can't help but think why not Basic Training? :) ) They had the cutest little camo shirts and HUGE shout out to my neighbor Jennifer who made her daughter AND Alexis matching bows!!! She pulled it out after me joking about why didn't she make one for ALexis HAHA! Super sweet! I was able to go down there for about 3 hours while Ryan was at her school and it was a ton of fun to watch. Yes, there are tons of pics. It was just so cute! Once again the many poses of Alexis. She loves taking pics and then going back through and looking at them. I can't blame her she is adorable! :)
Kissy face?? This is her MEAN face!
Jumping rope.
They had an "obstacle course" bouncy house. So cool!

Alexis and her friend Cassidy.

They had to run up this hill and then roll down it.

She would roll a little ways down and then get up and re-position and start over.

Cat and mouse in the parachute.

Sand bags. Even though the little boy helping her is WAY bigger she was doing most of the pulling!

Tug of War with Makayla.

This was my FAVORITE event. 3 legged races with kindergarteners= HILARIOUS. I told them to put their arms around each other and ALexis was more than willing but he was NOT on board!
Fun great day!!!! On a side note: Alexis had her final cup stacking tournament on Wednesday (no pics...) She brought home 2 medals and I was able to ask her PE teacher today what they were for (she told me what she thought they were but didn't seem convinced!) She got first place for her age in "Cycle" (Recycle it's the longest one!) and third in 3-6-3. SO very proud of this little girl. She also was on honor roll this quarter again. Great great kid!!!


Cristine said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to number these because I have WAY too much to say.:)

1- GO LEX! She has always been so athletic and I love seeing the pics of her doing active things. The jump rope one is my fave.

2- Why does she look so tall?????? I thought we dicussed her not growing anymore!

3- Hilarious that she is doing more of the pulling than the boy. That's my girl!

4- So proud of her placing in her cup stacking tournament. She'll have to show me her skills this summer!

5- YAY for honor roll! SO PROUD!

Okay, that's it... I think! Love you guys!

The Grows said...

That looks like such a fun field day. I love the little shirts, too cute. Sometimes I miss the military. Give Lexi a big high five for me for all her medals and honor roll.