The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, July 17, 2011


We had so much fun with the Holtgrewe's here. It was honestly like we had never been apart. The kids got a long so well and the day after they left I swear my kids could NOT be entertained b/c they were so used to having Anya and Eric here. They all played so well and the only fighting we heard was between siblings (well and the occasional Ry trying to purposely annoy someone! :) ) I have SOO many pictures it's ridiculous so I'm going to start with all the random ones...

Cristine and I on our girls night! We went shopping, got mani/pedis, Cristine got a makeover, (for her 50's photo shoot SOO fun!) went to dinner, and laughed almost the whole time! It was so fun having some time without the kiddos.
This is my loveseat even though the couch actually faces the movie they were watching they crowded together on the love seat! So cute.

Girls picture!

This was a fun routine. We eventually had to split up reading time b/c every kid is used to picking their own bedtime books and it took us a while to read four every night!

It was so sweet that Anya and Lex switched playing and reading to the other one's sibling.

Alexis and Anya... I don't even know what to say. I feel like they are just going to be the sweetest friends forever! Even when their older. They kept talking about playing "hay in a day" long before Anya ever got here. This is a game they made up in Germany during sleepovers and they had a blast. My favorite part about these pictures is how opposite they are in looks. Anya had beautiful brown hair and Lex with her golden blonde. Anya is soooo stinking tall it's ridiculous and after 2 weeks in GA Anyas tan was twice as dark as Lex's who has been in the sun twice as much!!! :) We are ALL in trouble when these girls grow up!

We very rarely asked them to pose they just did whatever they felt like!

Popsicle time. One of many.


I know Eric and Ryan were really young when we left Germany but we've visited the Holtgrewe's in TX before and I think with how often Lexi and Anya talk about each other it really seems like they know each other really well! They played together really well although they got sad if their sisters didn't include them! They are so used to playing with their big sisters I think it was hard for them that they didn't want to play as much since they had someone else around. Overall though Eric and Ryan were very sweet with each other.

Snuggling on the couch!

When Eric first got there the stairs made him a little nervous but he was more than willing to let Ryan help!!

One of many blue toungues from a Sonic blue cocunut slush (seriously both of them loved blue coconut and the older girls always wanted watermelon. So funny.)

I have deemed this Ryan and Eric's engagement photo! :)

I just love this picture of Ry. They had a blast with the air matresses.

Eric LOVES to wrestle but I think Ryan held her own for the most part.

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Cristine said...

Where to start???

Our date... AWESOME! And that pic of us is pretty dang good if I do say so myself!

Why don't I have that pic of the kids on the loveseat? The one I have they aren't all smiling, but I still love it!

Anya and Lex... BFFs for sure!

Eric and Ry... LOVE the engagement pic! One of my faves!

And do you know what I realized while doing my 12 posts??? NO pics of Nate and Trav alone (except the my 2 dads hahaha). :( Bummer! Get one of them when Nate comes next month!

Miss you guys so much! It's like leaving Germany all over again. Boo hoo.... Yes, I am having a pity party. :(