The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Nate requested we go to the Infantry Muesem while they were here and I was excited b/c I've never been (even though it's a 5 minute drive from our house!) I have a lot of pride being an Army wife and even more being an Infantry wife so it was definetly cool to see everything the Infantry has done in the past and is currently doing. I will admit though my favorite room was the Family room where they had a lot of stuff about families supporting the military (including parents of soldiers, wives, husbands, and children.) They also had a dress up room for the kids and all of them LOVED it! I posted a TON of pics from there but they were just too cute!

The front with a TON of Basic Training guys waiting to go in.
They had really cool models and when the older girls saw the airplane Lexi said, "my daddy jumps out of those!" To which Anya replied, "my daddy jumps out of helicopters!" Proud girls.

This was posed themselves. So funny.

Watching some movie on the Infantry which was VERY entertaining I guess...

Dress up time.

My girls.

HA! Lex had watched Madagascar recently so she kept doing HAPPY/SAD with her hand. Soooo goofy!


Her mean face.

With Anya. Ry looks hardcore!

All 3 girls saluting.

THis was the little mock tank...

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Cristine said...

So glad we went!!! And Lex's Madagascar faces crack me up!!!