The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I absolutely LOVE Callaway Gardens. It's a resort place that has biking trails, golf, bird shows, a butterfly garden, and my favorite a BEACH! Usually it's 25 dollars PER person but they give a military discount, as in FREE! So we LOVE to go there about once a week during the summer. They have the lake with a big sprinkler in the middle, sand beach, and a huge bouncy island thing (that costs extra and we had never done that before.) I absolutely love this place so of course we had to take the Holtgrewe's. We actually decided to try the bouncy place this time and we had a TON of fun even if Eric, Ryan, and maybe Cristine and I spent most our time bobbing in the water with our life vests. It was worth just for how much fun Alexis had. The stuff was a little hard to climb for a 5 year old (let alone a 3 year old and her 30 year old mother oh man am I really admitting I'm 30??) but Alexis had a BLAST! She was climbing, swinging, sliding, and jumping. I didn't actually get pictures b/c I couldn't take my camera on the water and Cristine who had just bought an underwater camera got all of 3 pics before her battery died... :( These pictures are COMPLETELY out of order but...THis was one of the pics she got before the battery died. Note me sitting and Ry TRYING to stand but it was not a stable thing at ALL!! :)

Poor Nate had to ride in the back anytime we went somewhere with out Travis but that didn't stop him from letting LEx use him as a pillow. PASSED OUT after Callaway all FOUR of them! :) (Told you they are way out of order...)

My favorite picture of Eric of the whole trip. Rocking the pink sunglasses. Cristine couldn't get to his so he borrowed his sisters! :)

So funny they both have their heads sideways.

Cristine and I actually remembered to take a few pics of ourselves!

Happy kids.

Right before we went on the bouncy thing.

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Cristine said...

We had SO much fun!!!! Callaway was awesome!