The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My friend Rebecca really knows how to throw a party! :)  She was the same one who did the St. Patricks Day Party and this time it was for Easter and she invited the whole ward! :)  She not only had lunch for all the kids but they played an egg toss, Hopped with an egg on a spoon, played pin the ears on the rabbit, had a pinata AND an egg hunt.  The rain even held off for us which was great with that many kids at one hosue!  The girls had a great time!

Right before we went I had to run to the store and grabbed the girls hula hoops.  I was amazed at how good Alexi is!  I have a video that I'll have to post soon.  She LOVES to hula hoop!

Ryan and Jeff (Rebecca's husband) She didn't leave his side for the first part of the party.
Lexi hopping with her egg on a spoon she was fast even though technically she was cheating with her finger on the egg. HA!
Ry hopping!
Pin the ears on the bunny.  The scarf wasn't covering their eyes very well so we improvised!

The pinata.

Easter Egg hunt.  Great party!