The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, April 9, 2012


Our last stop before leaving Atlanta was the Coca Cola Musuem.  I wasn't sure there would be much for the kids but they actually really enjoyed it.  It was fun to see all the old commercials, the 4D movie, and try different sodas from around the world.  Lexi and Ryan were THRILLED when I let them try a sip of cherry coke (a grown up drink usually!:))  Nic also had a fantastic experience there and is even MORE of a (diet) coke lover than ever!  SO if ever there was a reason to have a coke I think this is it! :)  Check out her blog for the story.


This is somehow coke related I promise. :)  We missed the polar bear...
Coke car
They kept talking about the secret of coke being behind this door and Lexi was upset they didn't actually show us!
Helping Ry.  The different sodas were labeled by Continent.  My faves were South American b/c they had a banana flavored soda YUM!
Lexi getting her taste.
Trying the cherry coke.

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Cristine said...

LOVE that first pic... Ry's face is hilarious! :) Glad you guys had fun!