The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, May 13, 2013


We hiked Mariner's Ridge a couple months ago and we loved it so much we knew it would be the perfect first McGrewe hike! So I'm combining the pictures from both times we went. :) The hike was about 2 miles round trip and we picked up quite a bit of elevation. There were also a few times where we had to hike up some rocks and Ryan loved it so much she started calling herself the monkey hiker. The view is absolutely breathtaking and we enjoyed sitting at the top talking and having snacks both times we went!

They love Hawaii almost as much as me!

How lucky are my kids?!

When we went with the Holtgrewe's we found a chameleon that all the kids enjoyed watching!

Haha not sure why Ryan thought David needed head support or why all the kids have their mouths open!
Sweet baby lovin on uncle Naynay.

Our little family.
They named this rock first middle and last name but I can't remember now what it was?!
4 littile monkeys hanging in a tree...