The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, March 28, 2013


This is a long time coming!  I've been asked quite a bit for pictures of the new house and I kept forgetting till Mary reminded me again last week!  So it's not perfectly clean but eh we're too busy having fun at the beach! :)  Here is the new house! The living room, kitchen, dining room, half bath and laundy room are downstairs and all the other rooms are up stairs. :)

The living room.  Ryan was having a self proclaimed jammie day!  :)

Kitchen (my fave is the bar!  I love not having to go to the table when it's just the kids and I!

Dining room.  Eventually we are wanting to make the corner with David's swing into a craft area for me!

The girls room.  It's hard to get a pic of the whole room!

David's room/ come visit and you get this room all to yourself with an air matress! :)

Our room.  Bathroom is to the left of the bed and the closet and our dresser are right in front of our bed.

Girls bathroom and our little reading nook. :)

Trav's room.  When I told him I was taking pic for the blog he grabbed my iPad from me and took about 5 pictures.  He gets 2 put up.  He's pretty excited about having an actual room instead of just a closet like in GA! :)

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I love your house! Looks like you were able to find a gorgeous set up. And you guys have the worst views ever to run next to! How can you stand it?!

Just kidding. But I'm so happy for you that you get to be in such a beautiful place and with your favorite people. That's the best! It's great to see all your pics!