The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Finishing out April are few random pictures from the month!!  Well technically I have a special visitor post coming up but we're going to loop that with May b/c it was the end of April beginning of May so that will be up next!  Get excited.  A lot of these are David b/c once again I feel like he gets a little neglegted in the hiking or other activity pictures b/c he just kind hangs out... But we do love that little man (who will be ONE in less than a week and a HALF!)
Cute boy and his love of dogs (is this Tara's debut on my blog?? Meet Tara Holtgrewe!)

In case you were worried we DO still go to the beach usually about twice a week.  Cristine got this great shot of ll the kids.  They were not actually running from that bird it just was a great shot!

My girls are SOOOO sweet to their brother they will do ANYTHING to make him smile or have fun!

See anything!  This was the same day.  This was after Ryan accidentally dumped him off his car.  I have a video of it and he did not even cry at ALL!

Sand beard!  Don't worry David has graduated from eating sand.  Now he only eats it if it is mixed in with shells or rocks! ;)

He LOVES the beach!  He now crawls as fast as he can to the water.  It's only going to get worse from here on out...

I'm not sure when this was exactly.  Cristine took this picture and kinda forgot to send it to me for a bit (bad friend HAHA Kidding!)  This little guy showed up in our spot at one of our favorite beaches (White Plains) at first we were like RUDE that's our spot (I'm KIDDING) We were like seriously we LIVE here.  (I say that a LOT!) This is a Hawaiian Monk Seal.  They are endangered and we have seen a few of them at this beach since then.  I'm sorry people that is COOL!!

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