The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, June 14, 2013


How do I even write this post??  Do you all know how LONG it's been since I graduated high school and went to beauty school?  13 years. 13 YEARS!  That is how long I have known Theresa.  That is how long she has been following me around the world visiting me wherever I go.  I know she's not just using me either because she even came to Columbus, GA MORE THAN ONCE! :)  I love having her come.  I love having a wife and another mom.  I love seeing her kids.  I love laughing and talking about the old days.  So this time was of course no different.  She came for about a week with just the kids and then Bryatt flew out a week later.  We had the best time!  This is not going to be in order because I'm too excited to share our first LUAU!  *also time for a shout out to The Bean's for our awesome Christmas gift to help make this possible!*

I had heard that Germaine's was one of the best Luau's as far as the best show so we decided to try this one out.  I can't wait to go see some of the other one's but honestly this one was great.  They had everything you would expect and then some.  The kids all had a great time (despite a little sand throwing... :)) 

Ready for the fun to begin.

ALOHA!  The kids got to go around and see all the performers.

Oh yes the now famous Lincoln loves pretty girls picture!  (Hey he's still nursing okay!)
Love how they sat most of the time.

Me and my love.

So fun!  The first time they called up all the ladies Theresa and I went up and we all learned how to hula but the second time we stayed down to get some pictures!

Lucky Konnor was given a BEAUTIFUL lei by one of the performers at the end.  Ryan looks jealous but really she was just jealous Kon was getting her picture taken and said, "take my picture too Theresa!"  (seriously this lei SMELLED SO GOOD!!!)

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