The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Travis was excited to take us to the Lanikai Pill Boxes.  It was a litte rainy but we decided to tough it out.  This was a short hike but probably made me the most nervous (hey I love the hiking but I'm still an overprotective mom!)  Because of the rain it was SUPER muddy, I'm talking so muddy by the end that we were using the mud on our shoes to help us not slip on new mud on the way down!  It also had a few parts we had to climb and while I wasn't nervous about me or the girls, Travis had David on his back (seriously my husband is a rockstar!)  There were also a few narrow areas that I did not want the girls to get to close to.  In the end it was a great hike.  It was fun to see and explain the pillboxes to the girls and the view was really pretty too.

Our beautiful view.

This was part of the path that got me  little nervous.
Some of the climbing.

There were two pillboxes this was the first one. 

My girls are the CUTEST!

THis was the second pillbox.  I stayed at the first with David b/c this part was even more steep.  Trav took Tucker and the girls and he kept trying to get Tuck to get on top with him but he was NOT having it!

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