The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


When Theresa first booked her flight she said, "you're not going to make me go hiking are you?"  HAHA!  So we decided to go on an easier more well known hike.  Monoa Falls is definitely a tourist hike.  It's short but with a beautiful pay off.  It was a little more crowded than most of the hikes we do but I absolutely understand why it's so poplular.  The kids all did great.  Well, the girls did.  The boys were better once we realized they didn't like the packs we had them in so we switched on the way back and David and Lincoln were happy hikers!  Now that it's been a month I think it's time for the Daca-Fish Family to return to Hawaii for some more fun in Paradise!!!
Alexis at the beginning of the hike ALL smiles.  She is actually always all smiles on hikes.  She truly loves hiking!

Beautiful even from a distance.

Waterfalls are so cool to me!

McBride Fam

Aren't they the sweetest family!  They just need to add one more so we can have an even 6 between us.  (you're welcome T!)

Terrible Terrible picture of us but it's one of the only ones we took together!

These 3 were honestly great together!

I LOVE this picture of Ryan. :)

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