The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Lexi started school on August 5th and Ryan started a week later since she was starting Kinder.  Alexis was excited for 3rd grade although a little nervous b/c she said it was going to be "harder than 2nd grade."  She has been doing so well though and when I asked her if it was harder she said, "no not really." Her teacher says she is doing well and the only "problem" she has had is occasionally Ms. Liu has to tell Alexis to put the book away. HAHA!  Not surprised!
3rd Grade August 5, 2013 Barbers Point Elementary Ms. Liu

Ryan was sad she had to wait a week but she was happy for Lex.

Ready for the day to start.

We had to go out for fro yo after the first day of course.  Especially since Dad was off and got to come with us!
 Ryan had not a single fear about starting Kinder.  She was so excited to get to go to "big girl school" and for the whole day!  After the first day she started asking me if she could walk to her class by herself (to which I said no.  I'm so mean.)  After the second day she started forgetting to even say bye to me.  She just walks in as soon as her teacher opens the door.  She absolutely loves school and her teacher.  The only thing she has said is that they are not aloud to whistle in class.  I asked her teacher who confirmed my suspicions that this is a new rule for Ms. McCormicks class made just for Ryan who LOVES to whistle (it's a McBride thing.)  I can't believe we now have 2 kids in Elementary School.
Kindergarten August 12, 2013 Barbers Point Elementary Ms. McCormick

The sun was really bright this was the best I got.  Lexi was very excited for her sister!

All ready and very excited!

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