The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A few sweet David pictures.  He is getting so big but he is still definitely our baby.  And I do mean OUR.  As in our whole family!  He makes us laugh and smile all the time.
He wasn't feeling well but I didn't realize quite how bad till he fell asleep at Cristine's while I was running! So sweet.

His smile is contangious.

This is what happens when you give him frozen yogurt or ice cream.  Sometimes I feel I have no son. ;)

By OUR baby I also mean the Holtgrewe's.  They love him so much!

In his hand is fingernail clippers.  He had them upside down trying to clip his toe nails. HA!

He loves the beach especially playing with (in) buckets.

His 5 o clock shadow.

Tucker is SOOOO good with him even when he invades his kennel.

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Heather Whitehead said...

What a cutie! Your girls are so grown up they are beautiful! I'm jealous your in warm Hawaii i bet your having a blast!