The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 Dave and Kerry decided to come visit us in December and we were SO excited to have them here! The kids love having Grandma and Papa here and Trav and I kinda like them too! ;) One thing we knew we were going to do while they were here was visit the Polynesian Cultral Center.  It's been on my list since we moved here!  We did the whole thing! We walked all over, had the luau dinner and saw the Breath of Life show which was beautiful.  I thought it was fantastic and the kids had a wonderful time (it was very kid friendly but also super entertaining for adults!)  It was a great, full day!
Making fire (well smoke anyways. :))

The kids with the fun Tonga guy that led Travis into an Epic perfomance!

The front of the PCC

More fire (apparantely these are not in any order!)

Oh ya just some guys in the background climbing trees.  No bigs.

Yep no order. Man make FIRE!

Taking a boat ride!

Grandma Papa and the girls ready for our boat ride.

I didn't care about these fish at all but as you can see by Ryan's hand they did care.  They said mom take a pic for the blog.  HA!

Working on their poi ball action.

Travis right after he got picked (probably had nothing to do with both Kerry and I yelling and pointing at him when they asked for volunteers.) to participate.  He was awesome and the kids thought they had the COOLEST dad in the whole world.  And for your viewing pleasure here is the whole video!!

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