The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, March 28, 2014


Christmas Day was possibly one of my favorite Christmas's of all time.  (I may have said that before but this one was great!) We slept till about 7 and then came down and got our morning started.  The girls were so excited and David was excited because they were excited.  We loved having Dave and Kerry with us to unwrap presents and the only bad thing about the day was saying goodbye to them.  (After Travis made his famous crepes for breakfast of course.)  Once they left we hung out played with our new toys, played our new games, and watched out new movies.  We never got out of our Christmas jammies (we needed to get good use out of them of course.)  It was the perfect day!!
Rushing down the stairs!

David slam dunked his new basketball right away!

He pretty much just wanted the paper again.

Ryan unwrapping one of her gifts.

Lexi excited over her lots o beads

Tutus from my mom HILARIOUS they look so gangsta with their I love you gang signs and head bands.  HAHA!
This may have been the favorite gift of the day.  Marshmallow shooters for all and you better believe we hada marshmallow war for a good 15 minutes the second we unwrapped them.
Well some of us were shooting others of us just ate the ammo... And Grandma Kerry peeking in on this pic.  I didn't get any real pictures with them!

Lexi and her "loot"


He was pretty happy!
My sweet happy kiddos.

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