The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, July 19, 2014


When Trav was on leave we got to leave the kids with Nate and Cristine again for 2 nights!  The plan was parasailing, snorkeling, beach time, relaxing and shark cage diving!  Unfortunatley the shark cage was canceled because of weather (I was so bummed but I AM going to do it before we leave!)  We did get to go parasailing and although he only agreed for my sake I think he secretly still loved it!  It was so quiet and peacefull up there and the view could not be beat!  Thanks babe for always humoring me!
Waiting for our turn!

Our boat view was enough just on it's own from the air it was incredible.

Ready to go.  I may have gotten slightly nervous...

They dipped us down in the water at the end and Trav thought it was hilarious to splash me and bump the whole thing around so I got more wet.  I only found it slightly humorous.

Great day with my awesome husband!

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