The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, July 28, 2014


Travis is in the Army (duh!)  In 11 years of marriage we have moved 4 times (which is actually low and includes one move at the same duty station.)  We have also been through 3 deployments.  Each of those deployments we added another kid.  Our first deployment we had no kids, second we had Alexis, and third we had Lex and Ryan.  So it was only fitting that since we added another child to our family it was time for Trav to deploy again... ;) Travis has gone to Iraq all 3 of those deployments and being who Trav is he really wanted a chance to get to Afghanistan so we are doing this deployment thing again.  4.5 months into it and it's going ok.  I will admit that having 3 kids this go around has actually made it seem a little bit easier of a deployment... Don't get me wrong I miss my husband. A lot. But I am so busy all the time it's going by a little bit faster than it has in the past.  I can not wait for him to come home but we are doing pretty dang good most of the time.

Here are the pictures we took the night he left.  Lexi defintely took it the hardest but she is doing pretty well.  We are able to skype pretty regularily and all 3 kids run when they here the skype ringing.  Thank goodness for modern day conveniences.

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