The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Oh hey look, another hike. :)  This one was just for the girls!  Cristine had done Olomana a couple times and said it was now one of her favorites and I had to do it ASAP.  I will admit that when I heard there was some rock climbing I got super nervous.  I love to hike I do not like to be scared or climb rocks.  Cristine was the perfect person to go with because I know she had some nerves the first time she did it so I knew she could mentally get me through it and she sure did!!  I was so proud and the view did not hurt at all!  Olomana is the highest and first peak on this hike but there are 2 more that require more intense rock climbing to get to.  I think I'll just stick to the first one! I have to admit this is definitely in my top 5 favorite hikes.
You walk up this road to get to the trail and I jokingly said to Cristine at least we're not hiking that mountain.  She said ummm that's it. HAHA! (the one in the back!)

This was the first of the scary rock climbing.  Pretty intense but dang did I feel awesome once I got up there.

Why is going down so much scarier?  Yes I went down the exact opposite of what you should...
One of the views.

The peak closest is the 2nd peak and the one in the middle of the picture is the 3rd...  Beautiful!

This climb was even scarier than it looked.  So satisfying!

Feeling on top of the world!
Selfie witht he third peak!

Love this girl!

Fun day with Cristine!

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