The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, January 31, 2015


My goal for this year is to run 12 races! One each month and 2 more than last year! I absolutely love races and I love spending time with some great girls!! The Jersey 3k was the perfect first run of the year! It was just under 2 miles but with lots of fun "obstacles" mixed in. Plus the best part is representing my new found love of the Cardinals! ;) ESPN put this race on and it was a ton of fun and very well organized! We ran all around the stadium through locker rooms and out on the field! Great morning!
Cristine and I representing the home state and my new found Cardinal love!

Cristine, me, (Cardinals obviously) Ashely, (LSU Tigers) and Violet (Atlanta Braves)

Throwing the baseball!

Look at that tball form!

Ladder runs on the field!

Once again fabulous form with my football throw! (We got 3 chances and I didn't make it in once HA!  Cristine however made it on her first try!)

Cristine doing her football layup. HAHA!

We actually finished the race and went back onto the field because we missed the victory dance area!  Cristine is getting it!

Ashely had some sort of moon walk victory dance that went on for hours.

I spiked my mini football and did NOT hit that poor little girl (her mom said I didn't hit her I swear!!!)

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