The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I guess we hiked a lot this month... This was Likeke Falls.  There is a long way to get there and a short way.  We were actually going to do a different hike that we had done before but I had been fighting a cold for a few days and not sleeping well so we decided to go for the short hike to the falls.  It was pretty perfect despite the fact that we go poured on! 
When we first got there another family came up to us and said want to see the chameleon we found?  The kids had a blast checking this guy out! 

It was cool to see it up close and no I had no interest in holding him.

The claws really hurt so Nate had the idea to put it on his hat for everyone to have a turn holding him!

Alexis loved him the most.  In fact when Eric was asking us to get him off of him and Nate had walked away Cristine and I yelled at Lex to get it off of Eric. HAHA!  We weren't touching it!

Fun while we hiked.  This was actually a super short (20 minutes there with David walking) hike.  The girls still enjoyed goofing around!

Right as we were getting to the fall is started to rain and then pour so we said ya sure go for it jump right in!

They all did and they all loved it! (Until the way back David was freezing and ended up in the backpack because he didn't want to walk anymore! :))

We are so odd.

But we can take sort of normal pictures!

Anya trying to keep David dry!  She loves him and he loves her and loves that she spoils him rotten!

We were all SOAKED so we changed and stopped off for some hot chocolate on our way home!!

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