The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, January 1, 2015


The other hike we did with Grandpa and Nanny Ruth was on New Year's Day and this time the Holtgrewe's joined us at Monoa Falls!  The weather was perfect and we had quite the group!  It was a lot of fun and David ended up walking the majority of it himself!  It was SUPER crowded but we got their early enough that it wasn't too bad until we were on our way down!
Their are always chickens and roosters in this area and Nate had a stare down with one! HAHA!


The whole group!

I did carry him for about the first quarter of the hike but he was not happy so I think he will be walking a lot more of the hikes now!

The treees!

These sweet girls love to pose together!


We're not normal...

She loves her Dave and he loves her!

The poses from Ryan and David... I have no words.

Lex found this cool feather or plant or something...

LOVE THIS!  He wanted Uncle NayNay to hold his hand not mama.  Then he had to get his own walking stick just like him!

Followed up with some Shave Ice and the bottom of course!

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