The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, March 1, 2015


The Women's Pacific Health 10k...  This race will always be a special race for me.  It was my first race I ever did 2 years ago.  I was so proud of completing 6.2 miles without walking a single step.  I also love that it's all women racing.  Plus I think the 10k is my favorite distance.  I feel like 6 miles is a decent amount but not crazy like a half or full marathon.  I can run it fast but don't have to sprint it.  I wish I could fly back to Hawaii every March just to do this race (Ok and maybe a hike and beach day worked in there too!)
I got to drive out to the race with Ashley again but we didn't see each other again till the finish line (she is FAST and has helped me so much with my runs!) My goal this year was to get under 60 minutes which I was a little worried about because there are a couple decent hills in there and hills KILL me!  But the weather was perfect and I was ready!  I had plenty of time to spare and I was so proud of my almost 6 minute improvement from last year (and 15 minutes from my first time!)  I know the more I run the harder it's going to be to improve my time and the improvements will be much smaller but for now I am enjoying the awesome PR's!  My official time was 57:18 and I felt great at that finish line!!
So thankful this girl has become such a great friend and running partner!  She's fast which helps me a ton because I sometimes doubt myself and she basically doesn't let me!!

Yes I have become obsessed with these fun shirts.  It's fun to wear and it's fun to have people laughing and talking to you on the course saying your shirt made me smile!  This one was "Does this shirt make my butt look fast?" HAHA!

Ya illegal screenshot of my finisher photo do you see my happiness and how proud I was of myself??

Violet was a friend in Georgia and she has gotten into running as well!  We end up seeing each other every race!  She finally remembered to get a picture and the best part is this was taken while we were waiting for our free 5 minute massages at the end of the race!!

My official time!!

Finisher shirts!

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