The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Most of Travis's leave was spent hanging out at home.  We really like being at home and after being gone for a year Travis was enjoying just being at home and not being busy (which has definitely changed now that he's back at work AND taking a class...)  We are so happy he's home and these are the last few leave pictures...
He made homemade bread with the kids twice, cinnamon rolls once, and scones (that's what he grew up calling them they reminded me of sopapillas!) I love to cook but baking is definitely not my thing so I love watching him show the  kids the stuff he grew up with!

Yup they washed my car!  I'm so clean in the house but my car?  Not so much... It drives Travis crazy so he just does it for me and shows David the ropes.

One day when the girls were at school we got to hit up the Aloha Stadium Market with NO kids!!  Plus with Brenda and Orson (followed by sushi at our very favorite place in the whole world!)  It was fun and this is the ONLY pic I have with Brenda and Orson...  :/ Also taken with my brand new selfie stick.

The girls were so excited to show Travis the ropes at Wet n Wild. 

David now CONSTANTLY tells Travis he is scratchy and needs to shave which is just a ploy bc he wants to shave with him.  My 2 boys!

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