The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, March 26, 2015


We hiked Hanauma Bay a couple years ago when we first got to Hawaii and we had wanted to do it again but it kept not working out...  Finally we planned a day and decided we had to go because it was going to be the last time we could hike with the Holtgrewe's before they moved... :(  I woke up feeling horrible so or plan was to just head up to the top of the road and see how everyone was feeling.  This is actually a fairly difficult and longer hike for the kids but we got to the top and they all wanted to keep going.  I was feeling better so we decided to go for it!  It loops around and then you have to head straight back up a steep climb.  The kids rocked it the first time they did it and we all rocked it this time!  (Even David walked a good portion of it!) 
Great group of hikers right here!  If you can't tell by our awesome hair it is SUPER windy on this hike.  This was the top of the road!  Also I had David's carrier so Ryan and Lex were going to take turns with the camelback but Ryan ended up carrying it most of the way except when Eric and David took their turns (So chivalrous!)

Perfecting our selfies with a selfie stick.  Yup that's right don't judge!

This is where it loops back down to.  The bay is right behind us and that's koko head in the way back.  It's just breathtaking and I really like this hike!  A LOT!

Cristine can we go back to this day???  Pretty please?

David's turn to walk with the camelback.

Cutest little hiker ever.  He carried it for about 5.5 seconds. HAHA!

This is the part you go down to loop around and it's so pretty!  That's Lex and Anya.  They took up the rear naming random things along the way!

The crew.

Cuties stealing moms sunglasses!

Eric's turn! (He asked I swear!)  And that's the climb to go back up.  It's so steep and it was so windy!  Even this downhill part made me nervous but the kids had no issues!

There they go!

Taking a break to snuggle Anya of course.

LOVE this!  Before and After. HAHA! 

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