The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, April 12, 2015


This year I somehow let myself get talked into 2 half marathons!  The hapalua (means half in Hawaiian) is put on by the same people that do the Honolulu marathon.  I thought maybe it would have a little bit easier course and I could get a better time under my belt...  Well I did do that but it was NOT an easier course.  1 mile long uphill at mile 10 that killed me then down for a minute then a couple more smallish uphills.  I will admit I did not rock this race at all BUT I did PR by 13 minutes.  I did finish.  And I did enjoy it up till mile 10.5.  Plus Ashley and I stayed together pretty much the whole time and I was super proud of us both!  She may have only PRed by 30 seconds but hey a PR is a PR (Personal Record.) 
Oh ya more cute matching shirts.  On a scale of 1-10

I'm a 13.1  ( we got quite a few people making comments and that's the fun of wearing them keeps us motivated and those around us! :))

Soaking in the crowd!

We also made it in the Honolulu Magazine (ok just on-line but still we're basically famous!)

Trying to put on a happy face but I was definitely hurting!!

We love our bling!

Official time!  I am super proud!  I really waned to finish under 2:15 but I can't be upset about a 13 minute PR!

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