The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Each month at the girls school they pick one person from each class for "Jet of the Month" and they have a specific quality that they pick for the month.  For the month of April the quality was Responsibility.  Funny enough April was the month both girls were picked to be student of the month.  I was very proud because as different as my sweet girls are they really are both very responsible for their ages.  They both have had great years and I'm very proud of what a great little reader Ryan has become and Alexis has started doing math that takes me a while to figure out! 

After their assemblies I took them out early for some frozen yogurt!  As a friend on FaceBook pointed out nothing says responsibility like ditching school for FroYo!! ;)

We had some friends join us as well! 

I'm also including a couple pics from Lexi's other assembly.  She got a couple other awards for the year for her clubs she was in and for basically getting the schools equivalent of Honor Roll.  This is her and her good friend Naomi.  They are super sweet friends who both love school and reading!!

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