The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, April 5, 2015


This post has all of our Easter activities we did.  The kids had a great few days!!
They had a little butterfly exhibit that the kids LOVED even though we thought it was a bit cheesy... :)

We ran into the Easter Bunny at the soccer field and decided that was the perfect time to get a picture!

We found our Easter Baskets and were really happy!

The Easter Bunny made Ryan's the hardest to find (I don't think that was on purpose) so she was extra happy when she finally found it!

My 3 cuties!

We colored Easter eggs (with a whisk and it worked PERFECT!)

Too busy to look up for a picture!

The finished products.  I have to boil more eggs every year especially since Travis loves coloring them too.  Luckily my whole family (except me) LOVE hard boiled eggs!

We got to have an Easter egg hunt with friends (The Davis's!)

Ready to go!

David hit the jackpot.

The loot!

We hid/threw eggs all over the yard.  There were over 200 eggs!! (I'm writing this blog over 2 months later and we still have a TON of Easter candy left!)

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