The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Yes we do look for any excuse for a race so why not an Independence Day 5k??  This race was in a completely different part of the island than we had ever raced before (started and ended at an elementary school) and it was a bit hilly but I had no plans for a PR and just wanted to get in my second to last race in Hawaii. :(  The best part was because it was a smaller race and there was also a 10k offered (couldn't quite convince Ashley to do the 10k.) We actually placed in this race!!  Ashley was 2nd and I was 3rd place in our age group!  Now we usually don't stay after races for the medals and such but when I got in Ashley was like Monica there were not a lot of people ahead of us we should stay!  So we did and I'm telling you I felt like I won the Olympics.  It wasn't my fastest race but man was it fun to get my name called and have him put that medal around my neck!  (And yes we sure did wear them the whole rest of the day!!!) I think there were like 15 people in our age group for the 5k so yes small but hey 3rd place is 3rd place! :)
Before getting ready to head to the starting line!

They also gave out glasses and handkerchiefs so we put those to good use.

Ashley getting her medal (She didn't get a picture of me RUDE!)

Showing off our medals!  LOVE!

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