The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, July 13, 2015


My very last race in Hawaii (for now...)  This race had so many bittersweet things about it.  It was part of the Tropical Triple Crown race series that began with the Hibiscus Half Marathon (which was the first half marathon I ever did.)  Plus the course we ran was one I'd never done before (quite a few of the races had similar courses.)  However I have ran on this exact running trail before.  When we FIRST got to Hawaii we stayed in a hotel that had a running path next to it.  I had already decided I would be running a half marathon in Hawaii because I always said I wanted to.  So I went out on this path.  I remember I had just heard of mapmyrun.  I turned it on and headed out.  I did 2 miles with lots of walking in between. This race was on that same trail.  Only it was 5 miles and I had no problem running it.  What a fun way to finish out my racing in Hawaii!!  Except for the part where Ashley hurt her ankle and could barely walk.  (but talk about an inspiration she refused to not finish even though this course was brutal because you run RIGHT past the finish line at about the halfway point! She kept going because she wanted that medal and she wouldn't feel like she earned it if she didn't finish!  She could seriously barely walk!!) 
How cute??  I mean you know you want this medal too!

This was the running trail!

May be in my top 3 favorite running shirts!! :)

My kids!  They make me smile!  I love how sweet they are!!! I came home to this poster!

My finishing time 46:02!!!

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