The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, December 25, 2015


The McBride's LOVE Christmas!  I love it even more since we started the 1 want, 1 wear, 1 read, 1 share!  It's made it so much less complicated and the kids are so happy with what they get!  We had such a wonderful relaxing Christmas.  We got up a little after 7 unwrapped gifts, had breakfast, and then just enjoyed family time and our new gifts the rest of the day!  I love Holiday's with my family!
Christmas Eve Jammies as well as Tuckers new dog bed that the kids insisted that Tucker needed after he hogged Tara's at Thanksgiving.  They were so excited to give it to him they couldn't wait till Christmas Day.  (They also got him gifts for Christmas day which is so cute.  They really do love giving as much as they like getting!)

Silly faces!

Stockings ready!

They all got new robes from Nana Mary and they kids really loved them!  They wore them most of the day even outside!

Crazy hair don't care!

Their Santa gift was a trampoline and it has been very well used!  It also started snowing on Christmas which Alexis wanted so bad!  It was just a few flakes but they made these kids happy as can be!

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